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How much is a bookkeeper?

The cost of a bookkeeper will depend on a number of factors;

Using an agency will usually cost more than an independent bookkeeper and often paid by the hour, so this will be relevant for the amount of work you want them to complete. This may cost between £15 per hour and £25 per hour. If the bookkeeper can work remotely it will be closer to the £15 per hour.

Employing a full-time bookkeeper will generally cost less than using an agency for same amount of time required around £10 to £15 per hour.

Of course, this is assuming you are looking for general bookkeeping tasks such as ledgers, invoicing, reconciliation.

However if you are just looking for your bookkeeper to complete monthly payroll, you find that there is a set cost such as £50 per month depending on the amount of employees there are.

The only way to get an accurate cost for your bookkeeping needs is to complete the enquiry form below.

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